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Dedicated teacher killed in crash near her Pennsylvania home

She was the kindergarten teacher all the kids loved — the one parents hoped would be assigned to teach their little ones. However, when classes start in her school district this fall, a different teacher will be sitting behind her desk.

The beloved teacher, 42, was killed this month in a car accident just a few miles from her Pennsylvania neighborhood. She drove 30 miles each way, every day, from Carroll Valley to her campus in Frederick County, Maryland. She had taught there for ten years, managing her classroom and often mentoring student teachers. At home, she had a husband and five daughters.

The woman was killed when she was driving near the Liberty Mountain Resort in the vicinity of Carroll Valley. Another driver crossed the yellow lines into her lane, striking her car.

Those who knew her said she was passionate about helping children who have special needs and intended to transition her career in that direction. Her family now is thinking about beginning a fund at her school in her honor to help youngsters who have learning difficulties.

Her husband and daughters surely never dreamed that when she left the house that day she wouldn’t return. Now, her family and her school community are left to mourn her. It hasn’t been disclosed whether the driver is facing any criminal charges related to the crash.

Regardless of whether criminal charges are filed after a fatal car crash, surviving family members of loved ones killed by an at-fault driver can bring a civil suit against the driver for negligence leading to the death. They can learn more by consulting with an attorney who works with accident cases to discuss the legal options available

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