Workers’ Compensation

Make Workers’ Compensation Law Work For You

If you have been injured in a work-related accident, it is important to follow the proper procedures to secure the compensation you are lawfully owed. We have represented both claimants and defendants in workers’ compensation cases. We know how to reach fair outcomes and settlements under the law. We recently settled a case for an injured worker for over $1,500,000.

If cases cannot be settled they need to be litigated. We have litigated hundreds of workers’ compensation cases, including work-related injuries and illnesses. We have served as defense counsel for insurance companies for decades and have a unique understanding on how cases are evaluated by third parties, which helps us help our injured employee clients reach timely or get favorable results with litigation.

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Attention To Detail In Workers’ Comp Cases

When an injury occurs at work, the injured party must report it promptly — this is the most important step in any workers’ compensation case after proper medical treatment has been administered.

Our workers’ comp attorneys have worked with both claimants and defendants in cases relating to the following issues, among others:

We charge a contingency fee for workers’ comp cases, which means that we only receive payment if we reach a successful outcome in your case.

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Martson Law Offices has been serving clients in Central Pennsylvania for more than six decades. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge you’d find at a big-city law firm, but we also have deep roots in the community and understands the legal issues facing our clients locally.

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