Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Resolving Disputes Without Litigation

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) encompasses a number of distinct methods and tools used by the attorneys and counselors at Martson Law Offices to serve the interests of our clients.

Several of our attorneys have undertaken specific process-oriented training and are experienced in ADR to ensure that the full spectrum of remedies is available to serve our client’s interests.

Mediation involves the engagement of neutrals to facilitate negotiations and settlement between disputing parties. At Martson Law Offices, we are experienced in the use of mediation when representing our clients. In addition, we have three attorneys who are frequently engaged by private parties or appointed by various courts to serve as mediators.

Arbitration is the resolution of disputes by a neutral individual or a panel of three sitting in judgment and determining the outcome of a dispute between disputing parties.

Our Attorneys Who Practice Alternative Dispute Resolution

Hubert X. Gilroy, Esquire, is a certified member of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania’s Mediator Panel and is frequently engaged by attorneys representing litigants in a variety of disputes to serve as a private mediator, such as in personal injury, real estate and commercial litigation. Mr. Gilroy served Cumberland County as a court appointed Custody Conciliator for 20 years and his experience in Domestic matters renders him qualified to mediate all types of domestic disputes. His varied experience in Municipal and Land Use law suggests he’s a qualified candidate to also mediate in those arenas.

George B. Faller, Jr., Esquire, a board certified civil trial specialist, has many years of practice before state and federal courts. In addition to being engaged as a mediator by members of the Personal Injury Bar, Mr. Faller is frequently selected as an arbitration panel member or neutral for the arbitration of insurance coverage related and personal injury matters.

Representing Central PA for More than 60 years

Martson Law Offices has been serving clients in Central Pennsylvania for more than six decades. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge you’d find at a big-city law firm, but we also have deep roots in the community and understands the legal issues facing our clients locally.

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