3 Safety tips for winter driving

For Pennsylvanians, the start of winter means chilly temperatures and snowy weather. It also means holiday vacations and lots of traveling. But regardless of whether you are commuting to work or making a road trip to visit family, you’ll have to venture out into the cold sooner or later.

To keep yourself and your passengers safe while driving during the winter season, here are three safety tips to remember before heading out.

1. Prepare your vehicle

Taking care of your car can help it run better in cold weather. Before starting on your journey, check your car battery and tires. Cold weather can make tire pressure and battery power drop, which makes it more likely that you will face problems with your vehicle on the road. You can also get snow tires put on your vehicle for increased traction if you don’t have them already.

In addition, check that your heating system works. A functioning heating system can ensure that you and your passengers stay comfortable and warm during your travels.

2. Make a winter emergency kit

A winter emergency kit is beneficial in case you get into a crash or end up stuck in a snowbank. You should already have gear like a spare tire, jumper cables and a first-aid kit. Consider adding the following to your emergency kit during the winter:

3. Adjust your driving: Although the road conditions may change, the rules of the road do not.

When you’re out on the road, keep in mind that slippery conditions can make it harder to maintain control over your vehicle. If the roads are icy or slippery, you still need to be able to stop your vehicle within an assured clear distance. By maintaining this safe distance between you and the car in front of you, and avoiding using cruise control, you can avoid causing a crash.

Remembering these tips can make your winter travels safer — and warmer. However, unexpected accidents can still occur. Should you find yourself the victim of a crash, Martson Law Offices has the resources you need to answer your questions and get you the care and compensation you deserve.



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