Entity Formation

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One of the most fundamental decisions when beginning a business is the type of entity to use. In Pennsylvania, one can choose from various forms of entities including limited liability companies, corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships, and sole proprietorships. When determining the proper entity form for your business, it is important to consider issues such as management, liability, taxes, succession planning, and government regulations.

Our attorneys are experienced in assisting clients to determine the best entity for their business, as well as the completion and submission of the necessary documentation for those entities. By listening to the goals and concerns of our clients, we carefully draft the agreement between the interest holders to address both current and future needs and objectives.

Other Business & Transactional Matters

Commercial Lease Agreements

Succession Planning

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We will gladly represent your business whether your legal needs are immediate or long-term. We are proud to have represented many of our clients for years, whenever the need arises.

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