Loan Documentation

Transaction Expertise You Need

The loan documents used in your lending transaction are your protection. Without the proper provisions, you may find it more difficult to recover for non-payment or enforce borrowers’ obligations. We can assist in determining the necessary documentation, as well as drafting and negotiating the loan documents.

Our attorneys are experienced in drafting and negotiating loan documents to maximize protection for the lender and the lender’s ability to be repaid all monies owed.

Other Lender Representation Matters

Compliance and General Counsel

Creditor’s Rights – Bankruptcy

A Wide Range Of Legal Services For Lenders

We will gladly represent you in various lending transactions, as well as with compliance and general matters related to lending. We are proud to have represented many of our clients for years, whenever the need arises.

Representing Central PA for More than 60 years

Martson Law Offices has been serving clients in Central Pennsylvania for more than six decades. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge you’d find at a big-city law firm, but we also have deep roots in the community and understands the legal issues facing our clients locally.

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