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Don’t let an injury dampen the fun at a Pennsylvania kids’ party

There’s nothing kids in Pennsylvania and around the country look forward to more than a birthday party.

That goes for the birthday boy or girl and partygoers alike. Who doesn’t like cake, balloons, games, presents and party bags?

But while parties are meant to be fun for all, that fun can turn to heartache in an instant if a child is injured. Parents who host a party must remember as they make their plans that safety is more important than finding plates that coordinate with the paper tablecloth.

Here are some reminders for parents as they plan birthday parties for their little ones.

  1. Are you throwing a pool party? That’s great fun for kids, especially in these waning days of summer that still are hot ones. If children will be swimming, you must ensure that children are attended and that those adults entrusted with watching the kids stay focused. It’s fun to socialize with the kids’ parents, but the kids come first. The adults should be good swimmers, and at least one should be CPR-certified. Enforce all the pool rules, such as no running. It’s way too easy to run, slip on the wet deck and wind up with a serious injury. Also, once the party moves inside to open presents and sing “Happy Birthday,” make sure all the kids are accounted for. You don’t want to leave one outside to fall in the pool.
  2. Are you renting a bounce house? They can be lots of fun, but you must rent it from a well-recommended company that will come to your home and make sure it is properly installed. If the forecast calls for wind, shift gears and cancel the order. Even one potent gust can send a bounce house flying with the kids inside. Children can become seriously injured.
  3. Are you throwing burgers or hot dogs on the grill? Keep the grill away from the kids. It is way too easy for children to be at play and run into the hot grill. Also, keep any flammable decorations away from the barbecue and the birthday candles. Have a fire extinguisher on hand.

These are just some examples of how a host should ensure party safety. If your child is injured at a party, however, you might need assistance in gaining compensation for things such as medical bills. A Pennsylvania attorney with experience in personal injury cases can help.

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