Don’t overlook the symptoms of brain trauma after a car accident

There are several types of injuries that can happen during a car accident, but one area that causes a lot of concern is injuries of the brain. Depending on the type of brain injury, it may not always be apparent immediately after the accident that someone has brain damage. This is problematic and dangerous, so it is important to know what to look out for and to seek treatment as soon as you can.

The brain suffers damage in closed head injury because the brain collides with the bony skull at high velocity after a blow to the head. Car accidents often whip the head forward and back or from side to side.

Types of brain injuries

The affected area of the brain will depend on the type of brain injury that occurs.


Considered to be one of the most familiar types of brain injuries, “a concussion occurs when the brain receives trauma from impact, sudden momentum or movement change.” A person can become unconscious, or may remain conscious and feel dazed. A CAT scan may not discover a concussion, so it is important to be aware of the warning signs.

Symptoms may include:


Often used as another word for a bruise, a contusion to the brain is more complicated than any bruise on the skin. This injury is due to direct impact to the head. Large contusions may need surgical removal.


This type of injury describes when a contusion is not only at the site of impact, but also on the complete opposite side of the brain.

Diffuse Axonal

This type of injury is due to a strong rotation of the head, which causes brain structure to tear. This can lead to widespread brain damage, a coma or death.


Just as it sounds, this injury is the result of an object penetrating through the head and into the brain.

It’s important to be evaluated by a medical care professional after a car accident. They can assess your injuries and if brain damage is apparent, you’ll need the appropriate treatment. If your injury is not immediate, you should be aware of the symptoms to look out for if you start to feel unusual.

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