Prenuptial agreements aren’t just for wealthy Pennsylvanians

Not so long ago, couples believed they needed prenuptial agreements only if one of them had considerable assets. They were thought to be unromantic and relationship-killers. That’s no longer the case.

More Pennsylvania couples these days are signing prenuptial agreements to take uncertainty out of the marital equation. They may decide not to leave their financial futures up to a judge should they divorce. Here are some reasons why you may need a prenup:

  1. One partner has more assets. Usually, what you bring into the marriage, such as property, still will be yours if the marriage ends. A prenup can safeguard that and not leave anything to chance.
  2. One partner earns less. If you make considerably less money than your future spouse, it’s smart to put an agreement for spousal support in a prenup to secure future support.
  3. One of you owns a business. If your marriage doesn’t last, you could wind up being business partners with the person you’ve divorced or forced to share the proceeds with that person.
  4. One parent will leave the work world to raise future kids. As you dream of a family, you might decide that when those kids come, one of you will stay at home to raise them. But what if you divorce years down the road? It might be tough for that spouse to return to work in an ever-changing business landscape. A prenup could address spousal support for this scenario.
  5. One of you has debt that the other doesn’t want to take on. This could be from student loans or irresponsible spending.
  6. Who gets the pets? In many families, pets are like children. A prenup can spell out shared time for beloved animals.

If you decide a prenup is right for you, each of you will need an attorney experienced in prenuptial agreements to represent your interests and hammer out the details. Then, you can start your marriage knowing that you love each other enough to have developed an equitable road map for the future.

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