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New bill proposed regarding clearing snow and ice off vehicles

There are many things it is very important for drivers here in Pennsylvania to do following a winter storm. This includes clearing the snow and ice off the tops of their vehicles. Failing to do this can create serious dangers out on the roads.

When cars or trucks go out with snow or ice on them, there can be a risk of the snow and ice flying off and striking other vehicles. This causes accidents, damage to vehicles and injuries to motorists and pedestrians.

Pennsylvania currently has a law addressing this traffic safety hazard. Under this law, drivers can be fined up to $1,000 when they fail to clear their car or truck of snow and ice and it falls and causes serious harm.

Additional legislation is now being proposed in the state aimed at catching this traffic danger before it has the chance to cause harm. Under the new bill, introduced last week, failing to clear snow and ice off the top of one’s vehicle within 24 hours after it accumulates allows a driver to be pulled over and ticketed. Drivers could avoid a ticket if they can show that they were currently going to a facility to safely clear the snow and ice.

The bill would also increase the penalties for failures to clear that result in serious harm. It would raise the maximum fine to $1,500.

What are your thoughts on this legislation? More Government intrusion on individual rights or a reasonable measure for public safety? Do you think it should be passed? Do you think it would reduce safety risks out on Pennsylvania’s roads in winter?

When individuals are harmed as a result of any unsafe actions by another driver, it can be crucial for them have an accurate picture what avenues for compensation would be available to them. The legal steps a person takes after such an accident can have significant impacts on his or her future. Crash victims can go to skilled car accident attorneys for guidance on their legal options.

At [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″], we have represented these cases on behalf of our injured clients. We have also represented defendants who have caused this type of crash. That unique experience allows us to answer any questions that may arise.

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