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Spring showers increase the risk of car crashes

Most drivers know how dangerous the roads are during the winter in Pennsylvania. Between slushy snowfall and icy streets, winter offers a variety of risks for residents. That’s why most drivers welcome spring with open arms once the temperatures start to rise.

However, spring is notorious for rain. Even a drizzle increases the possibility of a crash fatality by 27 percent. Luckily, there are ways to drive during showers and keep yourself out of a car accident.

Five techniques to use for driving in the rain

It’s crucial for drivers to know how to navigate wet roads and practice safe driving during any thunderstorms. Luckily, there are a few techniques any driver can implement:

  1. Take it slow – It’s easier for cars to hydroplane or drift on wet roads, so it’s critical to take your time and slow down while it is raining. You may even want to go slower than the speed limit depending on the weather conditions.
  2. Maintain your personal space – Every parent recommends their child keeps a safe distance between themselves and other drivers; the same advice is true when you are driving during a storm. Maintain at least three car lengths between your car and other vehicles to avoid major accidents.
  3. Avoid hard braking – It’s never a great idea to pump hard on your brake while driving. However, it’s incredibly dangerous to hit hard on your brakes while it’s raining due to impaired visibility for other drivers and the slick streets.
  4. Stay away from pools of water – On older streets, it’s common to see large pools of water either on the side or in the middle of the road. However, you should try to avoid these at all costs because even a thin layer of water causes hydroplaning. Either change lanes or steer carefully around the puddles.
  5. Do not use your gas pedal while hydroplaning – Unfortunately, there are circumstances where you are careful, and the car still hydroplanes. Make sure to stay calm and take your foot off the accelerator. It helps you steer the vehicle in the right direction and gain control of the car.

While these tips ensure a safer drive through the rain, they do not guarantee an accident from the trip. There may be incidents due to other drivers’ mistakes or your errors.

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