Three ways to become a defensive driver

Everyone has memories from learning how to drive. You probably remember your dad adding little pieces of advice as you travel the backstreets of your town. He may have mentioned that you need to be a “defensive driver.”

A real defensive driver means you protect yourself on the road while anticipating hazards caused by the environment or other drivers. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to become a defensive driver immediately.

Avoid distractions

Every driver needs to avoid distractions because distracted driving is one of the leading causes of crashes on the highway. However, defensive drivers are proactive about reducing distractions in their vehicles.

For example, a defensive driver creates a playlist for their music before they even get into the car, or they will turn off their phone while driving. Both these actions prevent a driver’s focus shifting from the street.

Plan Ahead

Defensive drivers want to know their trip before they sit behind the wheel. It allows them to know the weather conditions, any significant delays or detours, leave an appropriate time and allow extra time to make it to their destination without rushing.

Planning makes drivers aware of the roads before they even leave the house. It primes the driver to be more cautious while driving and focus on their driving performance instead of getting to work or the airport before 8:00 a.m.

Scan your surroundings

The best drivers are aware of their environment including other drivers, vehicles and potential obstacles in the road. You do not need to see every car on the highway to know what is happening around you, so make sure to check your mirrors and scan intersections before you pass through them.

Scanning your surroundings allows you to react to other cars near you or avoid aggressive drivers. It also gives you an opportunity to stop for bicyclists, pedestrians and animals because you notice moving objects before any collision.

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