How motorcyclists can protect themselves in extreme heat

After a long winter and a slushy spring, most Pennsylvania residents are ready to embrace the warm weather during the summer months. One specific group of people that love warm weather is motorcyclists.

However, summer also brings an increase in traffic and safety risks for most bikers. Luckily, there are some ways motorcyclists can keep themselves safe on the roads as the temperatures rise.

Seven tips for riding on a hot day

It’s critical to riding safely all year long, but some specific tips for motorcycle riders in the summer include:

  1. Inspect your bike before heading out – It’s vital to maintain your bike like you would any other vehicle. Hot weather quickly affects tire pressure and particular filters or fluids, so make sure to check before hitting the road.
  2. Choose the right gear – Motorcycle riders usually have to wear a lot of layers to protect their skin from the hot bike. You still have to wear those layers in the summer but consider finding jackets or gloves with mesh to provide ventilation.
  3. Check the weather before a trip – Hot weather also means more rain and storms, so check the weather before leaving the house. It will make you prepared for wet streets or extreme heat.
  4. Stay hydrated – Hydration is a crucial aspect of beating the heat, and riders need to maintain proper hydration through long rides. Take a few breaks to drink water if you ride for a significant amount of time.
  5. Ride early in the morning or later in the evening – The weather is cooler or less extreme early in the morning or later in the evening, so it’s the best time to enjoy the roads. Plus, there will be less traffic to block the streets.
  6. Find a breathable helmet – Helmets are often perceived as bulky, but there are specific helmets that are designed to offer ventilation for a rider. These helmets are ideal for summer riders to keep them cool while protecting their heads.
  7. Make frequent stops – As mentioned previously, longer riders usually expose drivers to dehydration or extreme heat. Taking breaks will avoid the risk of heat stress and allow you to refocus on the road.

These are the essential tips every motorcyclist should know about riding in the summer, but if another driver doesn’t follow these rules, you may suffer injuries in a crash.

At Martson Law Offices, we have presented these cases on behalf of our injured clients. We have also represented defendants who have caused this type of crash. That unique experience allows us to answer any questions that may arise. Ride safely and drivers stay alert for our motorcycle friends!

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