How to keep your toddler safe in the car

Summer is the perfect time for family road trips and extended vacations. You can easily pack everyone in the car and travel across the country to new, exciting destinations. However, traveling with a toddler in the vehicle makes the trip more daunting.

Luckily, parents don’t have to be afraid to bring their toddler into the mini-van or family Prius. All you need to know is a few tips to keep your toddler safe and entertained while driving to the grocery store or Disney World.

Five tips to driving with a toddler

Different concerns depend on the season. For summer, you need to focus on general safety and the possibility of intense heat for your little one:

  1. Make sure to have the right car seat – Every parent knows it’s crucial to have a car seat for your toddler. But car seats are upgraded continuously, so you need to know the proper standards for your child. If your child is two years old or older, it’s time to switch to a front-facing seat.
  2. Kick on the air conditioning before leaving the driveway – Air conditioning makes the car more comfortable for everyone, including your kids. Consider starting the air before taking off, so your kid doesn’t overheat while waiting for the cold air.
  3. Pack extra liquids – For the car ride, pack an extra water bottle or formula in a mini cooler for your little one. It helps because young children require more fluids than adults and need constant hydration. If you don’t want to pack bottles each trip, consider leaving some water bottles in the trunk.
  4. Keep objects out of the child’s reach – Most drivers throw random stuff into the back seat, such as towels, snacks, purses, etc. However, you need to make sure the child cannot reach any items near their seat. It could become a choking hazard for young children.
  5. Check out your tires – Most tires wear down faster during long trips and hot weather. If you have a small passenger, consider checking the tires when you leave or during rest stops. It will prevent any blowouts or significant incidents on the road.

It is entirely safe to bring a toddler along for a road trip or short car ride if you are adequately prepared. Unfortunately, you cannot prepare for a sudden car accident during a summertime drive.

If that occurs, Martson Law Offices wants to make sure you and your family receive the proper compensation for car repairs, medical costs, and lost wages. Our office has served clients in Pennsylvania for over six decades, and our experience allows us to represent our clients to the fullest extent.

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