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If someone has been a victim of violence from a family member, former partner, or current intimate partner, they can seek a ‘Protection From Abuse’ order mandating that they are not to contact the abused party. A Protection From Abuse (PFA) order can require that the individual stay a minimum distance away from the individual, prohibit contact by phone, text, email or social media. Additionally, a protection from abuse order can grant temporary custody of children, and force the relinquishment of guns or weapons.

Though a valuable tool for those who are being abused by their family members or partners, PFAs can also be used inappropriately – they can be used as a sword instead of a shield, so to speak. Motivations can be retaliation, jockeying for custody, or others. However, if a PFA is entered against a person, that person could lose access to their firearms, could be put into a position to unintentionally violate the PFA, and also will have a PFA on their record. As you can see, a PFA is a tool that can be easily misused.

Generally, a preliminary and temporary PFA is granted without you having the opportunity to be heard by a judge. It is important that you obtain representation at this stage to prepare for your day in Court.

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