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As a parent, you undoubtedly want to play a meaningful role in the growth and development of your children. At times, partners cannot come to an agreement about the custody and parenting arrangements of their children. Clients often seek to have a certain level of custody declared by the court, or to either modify or enforce a prior custody order. Where there is disagreement, the Court may have to step in to create a plan on your child’s behalf. In Pennsylvania, a Court’s decision regarding child custody is always made in the best interests of the child, and will consider things like education, medical needs, mental well-being, relationships, and the child’s wishes. The Court will determine the allocation of custody or visitation rights for non-custodial parents, and will determine whether the custody is shared, physically or legally. However, it is important that the Court get a true and accurate picture of your relationship with your child to determine a result that benefits both parties.

Whether you are first initiating the process or you want to modify or enforce an existing custody order, no two cases are the same. At Martson Law, we are committed to putting your best foot forward, and will aggressively and strategically present your position to the court, and all the while you continue to stay devoted to your family without enduring the stress that is so often born out of this process.

However, child support tends to become a very highly contested issue when divorced parents or unmarried parents end their relationship. Child support is intended to make sure both parents are financially supportive of their children, and to make sure that the children have access to the things they need. Children should not suffer as a result of the deterioration of the relationship of their parents.

Our job is to present to a judge a clear and accurate picture of your finances and life situation such that a judge can determine the correct amount of support for your family’s unique situation.

After support amounts have been ordered, sometimes a substantial change in a family’s circumstances may require a parent to file a modification of existing child support or custody arrangements.

Lastly, some parents fail to comply with the terms of a child support order, leaving the custodial parent without the proper resources to provide for the care of the child. Parents in this position can petition the court to enforce a child support through wage garnishment.

At whatever stage your family is in regarding child support, and regardless of what failures exist with the regard to the same, please be sure to contact our offices and ask to work with an experienced attorney that will help you secure the support your child needs.

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For six decades and counting, Martson Law Offices has offered a wide range of family law services to residents of Central Pennsylvania, including Cumberland County, Perry County, Juniata County, Adams County, Franklin County and the surrounding area. These services include:

  • Divorce
  • Spousal support 
  • Child support
  • Child custody 
  • Adoption
  • Prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements
  • Marital settlement agreements (MSAs)
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders
  • Grandparents’ custody rights
  • Emancipation of minors and termination of parental rights
  • Name changes
  • Asset negotiation

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